Pregnant Teens

Pregnant Teens

Pregnant Teens

Pregnant Teens

Today, the United States has the highest pregnant teens rate in the world. Recent studies reveal that around 5% of teens – especially between 17 and 19 years of age – get pregnant every year. One in every eight births is to a young teen. Most of these cases end up in abortions. Apart from the personal impact, pregnant teens can cause substantial financial burden to the society. Around 90% of the pregnant teens live on state benefits. The federal government offers approximately $7 billion annually to handle pregnant teens.

Pregnant teens can occur due to a number of factors – poverty, poor quality family relationships, lack of education, low-self esteem, negative outlook regarding the future, and non-voluntary sexual experiences.

Further, most pregnant teens get poor antenatal care. Another problem is that most teens do not follow a proper diet and so will not gain adequate weight during pregnancy. Some teens even seem to counter the normal pregnancy weight by doing excess exercise. In both cases, the baby is at risk.

Children born to young teens often receive poor nutrition and health care. It is estimated that around 22% of girls born to young teens become teenage mothers. To stop out-of-wedlock pregnant teens, many effective programs are conducted by Department of Health and Human Services.

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Parent of Pregnant Teens – Handling the Emotions

Summary about Pregnant Teens by Tehmina Mazher

If you have just had the news of your teen aged girl being pregnant you might have a lot of emotions of depression, grief, and worries about her future. But most important at this time is to hold yourself. Get a control over yourself so that you can well handle the situation.

Some parents are embarrassed and hesitant to share their pregnant teens with the other family members, friends, and neighborhood. Still there are some who are happy that they soon will become grand parent, especially if their daughters are in their late teenage and in a mature relationship.

You have to hold her hand controlling your own emotions. Pregnant teens that is carrying the baby will have a healthier baby and a joyful pregnancy if she is able to share her emotions and concerns with you and if she knows that she is not alone in this unplanned journey.

So what you have to do as a parent is; hold your own emotions not for yourself but for your upcoming grand child.

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    Looking for PREGNANT TEENS? Here’s PREGNANT TEENS information for you! | Signs of Pregnancy…

    Practical information about pregnant teens. Brief and Straightforward Guide and tips about pregnant teens….

  2. Looking for PREGNANT TEENS? Here’s PREGNANT TEENS information for you! | Signs of Pregnancy…

    Practical information about pregnant teens. Brief and Straightforward Guide and tips about pregnant teens….

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