Pregnancy Chat Rooms

Pregnancy chat rooms are a fantastic resource for many pregnant women, especially for stay at home mums-to-be who don’t come into contact with as many people on a daily basis as working mums. One big advantage of the pregnancy chat rooms is that they are open to use twenty four hours a day, so even if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep because you don’t feel comfortable, you’ll no doubt find another mum somewhere in the world that is having the same problem. Make sure you read the rules and adhere to the safety advice when using pregnancy chat rooms.

Pregnancy Chat Rooms

Pregnancy Chat Rooms

Another source of information that can be accessed from pregnancy chat rooms even when you’re not sitting at your computer can be found in the many pregnancy podcasts that are available. All you need to do is download them onto your mp3 player, and you can enjoy the latest news and advice whenever you need it. The internet has played a large part in making sure no pregnant woman feels isolated.

Pregnancy chat rooms are the best place to meet other women that are in your shoes and those that hold the answers. They are places where women meet to speak candidly about what happens to your body and mind during pregnancy. Common issues that women are faced with during pregnancy are fatigue, hunger, and morning sickness all day. Often times, these issues are not things your doctor can really answer, as they are not medical in nature. However, women that have experienced being pregnant often know those tips and tricks to help make it through the day and, god willing, the pregnancy.

To find pregnancy chat rooms, you can check with several of the major chat arenas, such as AOL or Yahoo. However, there are many other private pregnancy chat rooms available in other sites you may not know about. In fact, many motherhood, pregnancy, and parenting websites have chat sections that you would otherwise never be aware of unless you looked.

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  2. krii26782 says: period is 11days late and i dont know if im pregnant or not..i took a pregnancy test on the first day my period was due but it appeared negative..
    im confused can anyone help?

  3. Casey says:

    i have a question…had a baby in january wondering if you need to be pregnant in order to lactate

  4. Macca189 says:

    Hi I’ve just started to try and concieve but need to talk to others apart from my partner

  5. Priscilla says:

    what are good sex positions to get pregnant?

  6. Jordan says:

    I’ve trying to get pregnant for a long time and i can’t seem to at all PLEASE help is there anyway of eating something or taking something to make it any easier for me to concieve???? PLEASE respond ASAP… thank JNW…

  7. Angel says:

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant with my second child. I live in a different state from which i had my son in and it seems the doctors up here do everything way different which is really aggravating. I am physically miserable and I am ready to have this little girl. Is there any good remedies to push myself into labor? My cervix is already over 50% softened and my last visit I was told the doctor could feel her head when he checked my cervix. If i am not mistaken he said I was 70% efaced and a cm and a half dilated. Please help!!

  8. michele says:

    i have been feeling light headed and seeing spots at times and feeling like i will faint. i am about 14 weeks pregnant and i dont know what to do. should i go see a doctor?

  9. amber13 says:

    Priscilla :what are good sex positions to get pregnant?

    misssionary or from behind are the best to get pregnant

  10. sisi says:

    hi.I have a question,I want to ask during labor in america there is no medication for diarrhea before labor,I mean if you feel that it is time do you get any medication to be emptied your abdomen?because it may be a problem during pushing.thanks

  11. lpgirl says:

    hi my boyfriend came in me and we did a pregnancy test like 5 days after and it came up negative. He is so disappointed but i told him its because he did the test way too early. Dont i have to wait till my missed period for it to be accurate?

  12. Lindsay says:

    i have a question my hustand got fixed but i think i might be pregnant and i dont know if it is even possible but i feel like i might be pregnant and everytime i take a pregnancy test its always negtive but i still think i might be pregnant and i dont know what to do

  13. Melissa says:

    Hi, me name is Melissa and I am a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University. I am writing a thesis paper on pregnancy (planned or unplanned), social support, and depression. I was wondering if you would volunteer to take a few minutes to take the survey from the attached link below. Any pregnant woman qualifies to take the survey. All information is anonymous and confidential. Thank you for your support!

  14. amanda says:

    im amanda and i have gained 5 pounds and couldnt stop eating for like 2 i barely eat due to headaches and nausea. i have a very active but safe sex life with my bf of two years.{was on birth control and pull out method} i started forgetting the pill and now its 6weeks later….what are the chances im pregnant and not just psyching myself out

  15. Chantelle says:

    i dont rlly know if iam pregnant but i waz lightheaded n my hands arent usually a blueish color n veins r seeable

  16. Grady'sMommy says:

    Mine turned up negative until a few days ago and I am six weeks along as confirmed by my doctor. Every pregnancy is different.@krii26782

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