IUD birth control

IUD Birth Control Pros and Cons. IUD birth control is a birth control shaped like “T”. An IUD birth control is placed into uterine cavity. It has a function of preventing the ovum from fertilization process. There are two broad categories of IUD birth control; inert

IUD birth control

IUD birth control

and copper-based devices, and hormonally-based devices that work by releasing a progestagen. It will be more obvious about the pros and cons about IUD, you can read the information below. Hopefully, any posts below can help:


• It is very effective. When you want to stop using the IUD, the pregnancy can occur.

• No interruption when you are enjoying sexual intercourse.

• It works for more than 5 years, quite long lasting.

• IUD birth control is a kind of cheap contraception.

• There is no influence for breastfeeding.

• The hormone level of your body is not changed by IUD birth control usage. It is safe for women who suffer in the case of daily pills.

• IUD birth control has no systematic side effects.


• Only doctors and midwifes who has received special training to insert it. You can’t insert and remove it by yourself.

• The period can be longer, especially in the first months of use. You possible have a little uncomfortable after the IUD birth control is inserted.

The uterus may be injured during fitting.

• IUD birth control does not guarantee protection against sexually transmitted disease. You are recommended that you must use a condom if you doubt whether you are infected or not.

• Pelvic infections tend to attack, especially if the user has been infected by STD.

• There is possible infection in three weeks after insertion.

• Although this is very rare, IUD birth control may lead to a severe infection. If this happens, you must immediately move IUD birth control as soon as possible.

• IUD birth control can go out by itself without your intentional. Usually it occurs while menstrual period.

Although the IUD birth control still have some cons, if you install and manage the IUD birth control properly then it will be safe and effective.

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