Cost of IVF

Top Cost of IVF Guide in Asia and Middle East.

The cost of IVF in the United States sometimes expensive but if you are willing to seek information about the cost of IVF abroad you’ll find it. Nowadays there are many travel agents who try to help young couples to conceive. They offer trips to foreign countries to find Fertility Clinics. Even you can get cheaper cost of IVF in Asia and the Middle East by only paying the airfare and accommodation.

We have information about the cost of IVF in some countries:

Indonesia – $521

Malaysia – $7,412

Singapore – $7,234

Pakistan – $1,635

India – $3,326

Thailand – $4,086

Saudi Arabia – $6,500

Jordan – $2,412

Iran – $1,650

Lebanon – $6,475

United States – $12,100

Cost of IVF in Southeast Asia

The countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are countries where you can choose to get your IVF. Many medical and infertile couples tourists are very much interested to go to Thailand because it is very popular. There are many travel companies trips arrange for package deal. They offer the biggest hospital in Bangkok which is reassembled like a five star hotel. However if you would rather go to a place that is not so exotic then you would prefer to Singapore. Singapore is more similar to any city you find in the United States. Surely Singapore besides shopping town is famous also in accordance with the low cost of IVF.

Cost of IVF in India

Indian doctors after they learned in Western education, they prefer choose to go home and open the fertility clinics themselves. Indian doctors offer an overall cost of IVF / IVF cost. with a much lower price. Obviously they want to provide with the same level of Western doctors. Apart from that you will also get an exotic vacation.

Cost of IVF in the Middle East

The Couples who’s trying to conceive would prefer to countries Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon. Even Lebanon has the highest fertility clinics in the Middle East. Middle Eastern countries have strict rules on IVF clinics. Middle Eastern doctors received Western education and they must use advanced technology to their clinics.

However, something you need to consider if you are interested in getting IVF in the Middle East. In the 1980s the government declared a fatwa. Fatwa contains about sperm and egg cells must originate from the married couples. Of course all forms of surrogacy are not allowed either.

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